Protecting the people who provide the care.® 






My biggest takeaway from HealthCap’s success for the past twenty plus years is the same as my takeaway from our approach to combating the Covid pandemic: Do what you can with what you have where you are. HealthCap has made it a priority to support our members through the challenges while keeping our mission at the forefront of our efforts—protect the people who provide the care. 

Premiums remained above $60 million for 2022 and claim performance has been as strong as ever. The investment environment has been challenging for the past fifteen years due to persistently low interest rates; and as anyone with a retirement account can attest, this year was different due to rising interest rates. That having been said, HealthCap’s investment portfolio continues to benefit from our focus on strong credit quality and short duration investments so we can adjust quickly to what the world (or the Fed) throws at us. 

Our members’ reliance on the HealthCap Risk Management Resource and Education Center (, which we fully expected to slow down as the pandemic slowed down, has continued to gain momentum. Access, downloads, and webinar attendance have all been stubbornly high. On-site risk management visits by our talented consultants are back to pre-pandemic levels.  

With the help and guidance of our board of directors and our fine partners at the American Health Care Association and National Centers of Assisted Living, we remain focused on our members. We continue to position HealthCap to be the industry solution to an insurance problem. With that focus and discipline, we help our members enjoy lower claim frequency and severity than our competitors.  

We are excited about our opportunity to serve our member owners in 2023 and beyond.

2022 was another challenging, but good year for HealthCap and the senior living industry. It is the first year in three for HealthCap where we could take a breath…or could we? While the tempo of bad news relating to the pandemic slowed, the industry is still under pressure. Census is improving, but slowly. Hiring is still a problem, just less of one in some parts of the country.  

The tsunami of Covid claims that everyone has feared has not yet developed, but not for lack of trying. Courtrooms across the country are challenging the PREP (Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness) Act, executive orders, and state immunity legislation. If there is a breakthrough anywhere for almost any reason, things could change and change quickly. On top of that, Covid is still very much with us.  

So how are we to operate in such uncertain times?  

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Protecting the People Who Provide The Care® 

It’s more than just a slogan, it’s our promise. The senior living industry is undergoing challenges we never could have imagined, and HealthCap® has stood by its promise. We’ve made our extensive risk management resources available to everyone, HealthCap® members and non-members alike.

Why do we do this? First, it’s the right thing to do. Second, after exclusively serving the senior living industry for twenty-one years we know that actively managing and reducing risk results in lower claim frequency and severity. Nobody does it better than us.