HealthCap Risk Management provides an array of specialty consulting services

Pre-Survey Support

Directed Plan of Correction

Customized On-Site and Remote Visits Tailored to Meet Your Needs

On-Site and Virtual Personalized Education Programs

Corporate Compliance Audits

HUD Assessments

Performance Improvement Projects (PIPs)

QAPI Program Review

5-Star Projects

Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR)

Directed In-Service 

HealthCap Risk Management has a team of successful professionals to help you navigate industry changes and enjoy improved outcomes. Contact us today and let us be your source for resources!



First start small, then work your way up to a bigger garden.

Step 4. 

Trimming and pruning your plants allows for increased air circulation and fewer leaves for you to spill water on.

Step 3. 

Make sure you give plants plenty of water, but avoid wetting the plant's leaves! Wet leaves can lead to a sick plant!

Step 2. 

Some plants are shade plants, others need sun. Don't overlook that part of your plant's description!

Step 1.